How To Double Sales In 2015 With No New Leads

At Inbound UX, our mobile app development company, we doubled our January sales numbers from the same time in the previous year with one email. That’s it! One email. The crazy thing is we didn’t even send it to new leads or even ask people to share it.  In this post I’ll share with you the exact system we used craft and send this email.

Every business has cold leads and previous customers. You’ve already invested time into trying to convert and retain them as a loyal customer so why wouldn’t you try to figure out why they decided not to work with you? Think of cold leads and previous customers as learning experiences. You should try to reach out to these old flames and see why they never closed the deal or decided not to work with you anymore.

You might find some valuable information about your business and what changes you should consider making to improve customer retention and overall customer success. Here are some useful tips to help you start the year on the right foot with email campaigns to thank your current customers and to reach out to cold leads/previous customers:

Compile and segment lists of your current clients, cold leads, and previous clients

If you use a customer relationship management software (CRM) like Salesforce this will be a lot easier, but you can always just got through your business emails. Once you’ve compiled your lists, start thinking about what you would like to say to each group.

For current clients

I’d recommend starting off by thanking them for making your year a success and wishing them a happy and successful new year. Express your commitment to customer service in the new years and ask them what you can do to make your service/product even better. Suggest any articles/ebook/videos you’ve created that you think they might find useful. AND the icing on the cake for you since you’ve just sweetened them up, suggest one of your upgraded features that you think might help them.

For cold leads

Wish them a happy and successful new year. Are you getting the trend yet? 😉 It’s always easier to convince someone to do something for you (i.e. buy your services) if you are nice to them first. Compliments and well wishes will get you far my friend. Ask them to let you know if you need any help with fill-in-the-blank or if you might be of any assistance in the future.

For previous clients

Wish them a happy and successful new year. Asking them if they be willing to let you know why they stopped working with you so you can fix/improve your services/products. You could even offer them a discounted rate if they’d like to give you another try. Bonus points if you have time to make a survey to make it easier for them to give you feedback.

Email Structure

Make sure to personalize each email as much as you can. Have your personal contact information in the email signature so they can reach out to you directly. For your current clients you should add buttons to your social media profiles so they can easily connect with you. Make sure to mention if you post special discounts or giveaways on your social media pages.

Use an Email Template to make it fancy

Go the extra mile and make your email stand out with an pre-design email template from an email subscription software like MailChimp. Plus you should be using one of these anyways to capture email subscription signups 😉

Hope this helps inspire you to start the year off with a bang! What are some of your business/personal New Years Resolutions?