Over the past 5 years I’ve developed over 30 affiliates sites bringing in over $10,000 in monthly profit. It wasn’t easy and there sure were a few bumps and costly mistakes along the way. Luckily I had a few resources I could call when shit went down. Without the help of key mentors I would not have come close to the numbers I do today.

The difference between success and failure for most people starting their own business is having the ability to ask questions to relevant people. It can be impossible to find someone who will take you under their wing, help you avoid serious pitfalls and give you the kick in the ass to actually follow through with your goals. That’s what I’m offering.

Even if you are just starting out I can point you in the right direction and save you hours of wasted time/work that may produce nothing. Seasoned pro? I can help you maximize your earnings potential by showing you how to approach individual companies to negotiate off the book commission rates, analyze your site for conversion optimization and a few other “TOP SECRET” tricks that will bring in additional income.