Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Management System Review 2018

Thinking about creating your own affiliate program for your business? Most business owners shy away from affiliate programs because they think they are costly to set up and maintain. More often than not programs are sloppily setup through costly programs like ShareASale and CJ that also require large deposits to make sure you can payout qualifying purchases brought in by affiliates.

However, users of WordPress and Woocommerce have a less expensive option to setup their own affiliate program. Using Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Management System you are able to setup the whole affiliate program and manage payouts, tracking IDs and set commissions for each individual product or category. So if you thought affiliate marketing was out of your budget you might have a new option.

Here’s what we like about Affiliate Pro:

The first and most obvious advantage to using Affiliate Pro is the ability to set it up with an existing WordPress / Woocommerce site. We love that Affiliate Pro works with Woocommerce as it handles all transactions seamlessly for both the buyer and affiliate. Not having to outsource the development gives you complete control over your own affiliate marketing platform.

Secondly, we appreciate the ease of use for the backend. Often times plugin developers create their UI or overall structure with other developers in mind. Sure it is great if they can understand it but what about people who just want to plug and play? Well, the Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Management System is very intuitive and most people with an average knowledge of WordPress can get this up and running in under an hour.

Lastly, we know that not all businesses will benefit from affiliate programs. Affiliate pro gives you a chance to test out the affiliate waters without having to drown in bills or high deposits. If your affiliate program does take off you can always upgrade to a more robust system to handle your needs. For those starting out we recommend this plugin without hesitation.

What We Don’t Like About Affiliate Pro:

There are a few drawbacks just like any other piece of software meant to help most but not all websites. Some features seem more geared towards the business owner rather than the affiliate. A big time affiliate marketer might be intrigued by your product but a little thrown off by using a new system. We recommend creating some video explainers to show the backend system in use so potential affiliates see how easy it is to use.

Beyond that we don’t really have any issues with Affiliate Pro. In the future it would be nice to see some more payment gateway options but Paypal is pretty much the standard now anyways.

In conclusion, we whole heartily recommend Affiliate Pro for anyone looking for an easy to use Affiliate Management System compatible with WordPress and Woocommerce.

You can purchase the plugin here: Affiliate Pro – Affiliate Management System