Hey! I’m Jon and I make a full time income (see screenshot below of my Amazon Affiliate Account) online through blogging and consulting. I’m just a regular guy that graduated from college at the height of the Great Recession with a useless degree. I applied and eventually was rejected from countless jobs. Instead of throwing in the towel and living in my parents’ basement I read as much as I could about making money online, building my own websites and everything else I could manage to fit in my average sized brain.

As Drake would say, “We started at the bottom now we here”.

That’s how I did it and its my goal for YOU.

Most bloggers try to exploit loopholes in marketing programs or search engine rankings and if someone else knew what they were doing their sales would tank. I make money with completely above the board tactics and competitors would not affect my sales one bit.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well the goal of this blog is not to brag about my sales or how I work less than 2 hours a week. Nope. I created this site to get YOU doing the same thing. Internet marketing is not rocket science! With a simple system and hard work initially you can setup a massive stream of mostly passive income. This blog will show you some of the tactics I use to generate the sales you see below:

Want to know my exact system, have specific questions or want to advice on how to get started?

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