6 Social Media Growth Hacks You Can Use Today

The internet is overflowing with articles full of time consuming social media strategies promising to grow your social media reach over the long term. But who wants to wait that long?  In an industry full of long term goals, strategies and results I thought I would share some of the best actionable tips to see immediate gains. These tips will give you the extra shot of caffeine you need to stay motivated for more long term benefits.

Tip 1: Create Multiple Channels

Focusing on one social media account limits your potential reach. At InboundUX we have multiple Twitter accounts that focus on our individual service offerings. One focuses directly with marketing (@InboundUXMarket), another design (@InboundUXDesign) and our main account (@InboundUX) focuses on business news and development.

The main benefit of this strategy is to connect more directly and with context to potential customers. Not all of our clients are interested in mobile application development, company news, our office pets etc. Instead of having them sift through 10 posts to find something interesting we segment our channels based on their interest.

Tip 2: Distribution Channels

Along the same lines of creating multiple channels by segmenting interest we also advise clients to create distribution channels for their content within each social network. With this strategy you can take advantage of social media platforms’ search rankings and increase your influence accordingly.

For example, we manage several accounts with similar audiences and have networked with peers who have similar audiences. We use that network to essentially lift our content via likes, favorites and retweets. This allows us to reach more potential clients that are interested in similar offerings. In return you can help distribute your peers’ content.

Tip 3: Understand and Pay Attention to Competition

Many social media users and business owners in general tend to define the term competition too literally. Competition is good. It can show you what you need to improve on to chip away at market share, grow your business, and essentially make your business stronger. Social media managers focus too much on what other companies or competitors are doing correctly. Sure you can score a couple of quick follows or likes by copying your competition but you are essentially just playing catch up.

The real benefit of competitor analysis is to learn from their mistakes, save time and also retarget their customers. If you see something they do fail you can either avoid the same pitfall or see where they went wrong and capitalize on their shortcoming. If they have customers sharing success stories and you are confident your product is superior you can use retargeting tools to try and convert them to your brand.

Tip 4: Use hashtags… correctly

In a recent study completed by Adobe, 67% of marketing leaders surveyed found hashtags to be useful in expanding their social reach. That doesn’t mean you should go out hashtaggin’ Justin Bieber all day.

Research is key to using hashtags effectively. Study your competitors to see which hashtags they are targeting. If you’re the only one in your industry using hashtags check out the analytic features provided by Twitter:

  • Go to ads.twitter.com, login to your account
  • On the top right hand side click the create a promoted tweet button
  • Fill out the tweet information and form but do not worry about the content. You won’t be posting from here
  • Scroll down to select the keyword option for targeting.
  • Add keywords and check the size of the circle which corresponds to the popularity of the hashtag
  • Write down the most popular hashtags and target them when creating posts

Tip 5: Repurpose old content

Already have a bunch of great content? You can repurpose and repost content over time and on different networks. Go over your google analytics stats and see which content has trailed off in traffic over the past few months. Reshare with new graphics on different networks and watch the traffic spike back up.

This extra boost can have a significant effect on the long term SEO health of the article. You can generate new inbound links and establish the article as the go to source for the topic. Most content creators tend to think of their blog and social media like the newspaper industry. You can’t report the same news twice. In reality blogs and social media are more like the film industry. Films come out on the big screen, then DVD and they also have soundtracks, merchandise and special editions. Often content marketers focus too much on the big screen and forget about all of the other traffic sources and potential revenue streams.

Tip 6: Use Images

I have always been a believer that social media is first and foremost a visual medium. Social media streams are the coffee table books of this generation. No one really cares about the words. To take advantage of this create images for all of your posts.

You can use tools like Photoshop or Canva (see more tools we use here) to create simple images with the title of your post and your logo. This additional step makes the content look more professional and adds an opportunity to build brand recognition with the included logo. According to the same Adobe study mentioned above, marketers chose images as the #1 most important factor in social media.

Conclusion: Social media domination like all business goals can be and should be broken up into small achievable goals. Every time you accomplish something small you are making progress towards the larger goal. You can use these 6 tips and do them individually to compliment and enhance your overall social media domination plan.

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