5 Tips for Increasing Your App Store Rankings

The key to launching and maintaining a successful app is to start growing your user base before you launch and keep promoting and updating your app after you launch. With a successful marketing campaign you can beat your competition and work your way up the app store charts. Here are some tips to help your app succeed:

1 Promote your app before you launch

Give your subscribers early access to your app prototypes, then release your app with just the core features to start growing your user base. Consider adding a screen to your app asking for feedback. Post about your progress and create polls to get your users involved in the development process. Keeping them intrigued throughout the entire app development process will increase your chances of converting them into loyal users and product evangelists.

2 Distinguish yourself from the competition

Figure out what features your competitors’ apps are missing and build it into your app. Remember you don’t have to be the first, you just have to be the best. If you’ve found that a high percentage of your subscribers fit into a niche market, consider pivoting your app to only cater towards that market.

3 Start off as invite only

Make your users feel like they are joining an exclusive club by signing up for early access to your app. Plus you get their email address which is internet equivalent to gold if you know how to harness the power of a great email campaign. Keep them up to date with your progress and give them the option to share your app with your friend once you are ready to launch.

4 Optimize Optimize Optimize!

Remember that app stores are search engines so if you want your app to be successful you need to optimize it for SEO. Start by searching for apps using keywords you think your potential users will use. See if your competitors are using those keywords. Heck! You can copy some of the best keywords from your competitors!

5 Social Sharing features

Make it easy for your users to share your app with their friends. Give them the option to sign up with their social media accounts and have pop up screens that prompt them to share their progress with their friends. People are more likely to try out an app that one of their friends endorses than a promoted app.

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